Wednesday, April 28, 2010

City Council Meeting

Thanks to everyone who came out to last night's City Council meeting! There was well over 100 supporters in the audience and it was obvious to the council that this is an important project to the community.

As we continue to make strides on the proposal and work with the city, it's unclear as to when our next meeting will be. We'll keep everyone posted both on here and through Facebook. Keep checking back for more information as we hope to have some news as soon as possible!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Last Meeting

Hey all,

Tonight is our last gathering before we present to City Council next Tuesday! We'll be meeting at Hensley's Flying Elephant Pub, 850 Tamarack Ave, at 6pm. More "support" shirts were printed so this is a prime opportunity to grab yours before the council meeting. (Shirts will also be at Senor Grubby's and the Carlsbad Village Association if you can't make it tonight.)

We'll do a run through of the project proposal to take questions and comments tonight. If anyone needs help or ideas with their public comment speech, we'll be happy to assist.

We will also be taking our last collection of petitions and support letters for the project. Please don't forget to bring them along, as we want as many signatures as possible to show the council that the community NEEDS this project!

See you tonight!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We got t-shirts!

WE GOT T-SHIRTS! We passed them out at tonight's meeting and they look fantastic. A HUGE thank you to Nancy and Joey of Life's Rad for getting the shirts made. The goal is to have City Council packed with supporters wearing these awesome shirts on April 27!

Come to the next meeting to grab one for yourself, or stop by Senor Grubby's or the Carlsbad Village Association office before then. We're asking for a small donation so give what you can and show your support!

Just a head's up - there's room on the back of the shirts for sponsorships. Contact or stop by Senor Grubby's to talk to Justin about the details. Let everyone know that your business wants to see this project happen!
There's a change of location for next week's meeting, we'll see you guys at Hensley's on April 22nd at 6pm. Wear your shirts!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April 1, 2010 Meeting Update

After a two-week hiatus, museum supporters packed the back room of Senor Grubby's to offer suggestions and comments on what has been proposed so far. Local legend Matt Hensley has pledged to help in any way he can, because he wants to see a skateboard in Carlsbad done and done right. Kimberly Kunhs and C.C. Hafner of the Tony Hawk Foundation stopped by as well to see the progress we've made as a group.
Last night's attendees were treated to the first look at a more developed design for the park. Mike McIntyre of ASD (who has very graciously donated his time for the renderings) gave us a sneak peak of what he has envisioned for the park so far and asked for suggestions/comments. We got some great feedback and as we continue to meet every week, we'll be working to integrate suggestions into the design!

Please don't forget that we still need letters of support from EVERYONE. Letters from local business owners, church leaders, people in the skateboarding industry - pretty much anyone that has an interest in skateboarding and the youth of Carlsbad - will help us show City Council that the community WANTS this project. If you or someone you know fits this criteria, have them write a support letter and send it to (If you need help deciding what to write, there are sample letters on the Facebook page under 'Discussion.')

We also don't want people to forget about signing our petition for the museum. We've had some local business owners and community members turn in page after page of signatures and we couldn't be more excited. If you know someone out of state who wants to sign, send them to our online petition! Keep the signatures coming, every show of support will make City Council see that this is an important project for everyone, not just skateboarders. (If anyone needs the template for the petition to place at a business or take around town, email and you'll be sent one asap!)
Don't forget to mention the museum when you order from Carlsbad's Paradise Pizza! Owner and skateboarder Mychal Dourson has graciously offered to donate 10% of orders mentioning the museum to the fund. He got the collection rolling with an initial $2.50, so keep going back for more pies to help the museum idea become a reality!