Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meeting time set

Okay everyone. SkateBoarding Museum and Action Art Center, super supporter, Justin Jachura has offered his restaurant Senor Grubby's as our permanent meeting place for commitee meetings. Going forward; we will meet every Thursday night (except the last Thursday of the month) beginning at 5:30 pm in the back room of Senor Grubby's.

At our next meeting, we will be discussing how to gain community support, dispel myths about violence, drug use and gang activity at skate parks.

I'll also have an updated proposal for the city and an update on my meeting with Mike McIntyre.

Hope to see you at Senor Grubby's Thursday Night! 377 Carlsbad Village Drive

The project continues to gain momentum

Last week was a very good week. The feature article in The Coast News by Alyx Sariol (see below) appeared on the internet on Tuesday and calls began coming in to the CVA office. More support from the skateboarding business community than I had even hoped for came.

Wednesday afternoon, I got a call from Desiree Astorga, local artist-photographer-journalist-skateboarder- curator-fundraiser (I adore multi-hyphenated people) and we had a great talk about the project and her involvement in it. We've found a great partner in her for this project and I am really excited to have her on board.

One of the things we most needed was renderings of the site and I wasn't sure to begin. As I was inundated with Thursdays on the Coast duties, I hadn't really had time to research who to call. Thursday afternoon I received a call from Mike McIntyre, President, RLA, ACTION Sport Development, LLC.  offering his services and massive knowledge to help us with site mapping and renderings. Talk about getting exactly what you asked for...this was like the universe opening up and raining down million dollar checks! We're meeting next week to go over the site and proposal as it stands and Mike's going to help us get it ready for the masses. This is exciting stuff!

On Friday, I received yet another call from TransWorld Magazine who interviewed me for a news wire they were putting together on the project. We've gone global!

I grew up in an era when my sports heroes were baseball and football stars. As I grew up I saw these sports deteriorate as they became driven by money and sponsorship dollars. I cringed the first time I heard a professional athlete who earned upwards of 20 million dollars a year charge a kid $20 for an autograph or refuse a kid because he didn't have the right trading card or the right ball. I've seen the light of a small child's face go from bright to sullen and defeated in one lousy sentence. I've heard professional athletes say on national TV "I'm not a role-model." (Sorry, honey you are, and for your multi-million dollar contract, you better start acting like it).

What I've seen and heard from the Skateboarding community over and over again over the last month is, "I want to give back." "It's all about the kids." My faith is restored in the ideal that professional athletes do take their gifts and talents and share them with an open heart with the community and they do it for future generations. I've been really impressed and it's made me even more resolved in working to make this project a reality. Please get involved and help us pull together the people and the money that will make this dream a reality.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feature Article in The Coast News

Skateboard museum proposed for Carlsbad
by Alyx Sariol
CARLSBAD — The Carlsbad Village Association, or CVA, has big plans to recognize the city’s wealth of skateboarding history.

In just six short weeks, the CVA has drafted a proposal for the first ever nonprofit Skateboarding Museum and Active Arts Center. Using pre-existing structures slated for redevelopment, they hope to create a skateboarding oasis for Carlsbad’s youth, adults and tourists to enjoy.

“I think this concept is huge,” said project advocate Justin Jachura, co-founder of Carlsbad’s Senor Grubby’s.

While Carlsbad is internationally known for coining the phrase “skate park” in the 1970s, this new development could bring even more attention to the history of skateboarding in North County. Four buildings at the Oak Street maintenance yard serve as the ideal location for this facility, which would feature an art gallery, media center and small-scale street skate park.

“It’s a really good usage of this property,” said Robin Young, executive director of the CVA. “There’s not a whole lot of work involved to get (the buildings) looking really cool and urban.”

Two of the main buildings would become a museum and gallery with curated shows and traveling exhibitions. These displays would mainly focus on the history and culture of skateboarding, Young said.

A central building would include an Education Center, which could host classes and demonstrations on all things skateboarding. This area would also be utilized to host drug and alcohol prevention courses, encouraging a healthy lifestyle for the city’s youth, Young said.

“(Kids) want to feel like they’re engaged in their community,” Young said. “We can give them opportunities to do things in a positive way.”

What sets this project apart from other skateboarding facilities is the proposed Active Arts Center. A final building would feature video cameras, computers and software programs for those interested in filming and photographing skateboarders to hone their skills, Young said.

“This is a specific youth art demographic that’s being neglected by the city,” said Jachura, highlighting the importance of such a facility.

The concept has also been recognized as a way to boost tourism and sales revenue in the Village area. Ideally, while kids head off to the park, parents will peruse the local shops and restaurants, Young said.

Although the proposal is still in the beginning stages, Young has already received positive feedback from the skateboarding, business and art communities. The CVA is working with established organizations, including the Tony Hawk Foundation, and using residents’ feedback to finalize a design most appropriate for the city’s needs.

The CVA is currently racing against the clock to put the finishing touches on the project, as they are expected to present a comprehensive look at the museum and arts facility to Carlsbad’s City Council by mid-March.

“The only problem that I can see is that it’s not going to be big enough,” Jachura said.

To learn more about the proposed project and to find out how to get involved, contact Young at (760) 434-2553 or visit

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Meeting Time set

For all those interested in bringing a Skateboarding Museum, Skatepark and Urban Art Center to Carlsbad Village please attend our committee meeting on:

Thursday, February 18
 5:30 pm
Senor Grubby's
377 Carlsbad Village Drive

We are hoping our new meeting time will make it easier for people to attend. This project is going to take a lot of people willing to roll up their sleeves and get out into the community. So help us get the word out and lets make this happen.

Bring your ideas, your positive energy and a few friends!

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What do you think

Since we're still in the early stages of this project, we would like your input. Read the post below and give us any feedback you have. Are we missing any elements? Are we trying to do too much, not enough. Let us know if you want to get involved in a real way and support the project. This is a grassroots movement and we need real community involvement!

Leave your comments...

Our initial proposal to the City staff

Recently the Carlsbad Village Association has been developing an idea to convert the Oak Street maintenance yard into the world’s first Non-Profit Skateboard Museum and Urban Art Center.

The idea is a multi-faceted one meant to engage our youth population, their parents and tourists from around the country to Experience the history of Carlsbad in a new way. Through a collaboration of the skateboarding culture and the emerging art movement, this museum complex will be catalyst for community growth in the south state street region and the city at large. This unique and one of a kind museum will work to invigorate the Village, boost tourism, increase the tax base and bring international recognition to Carlsbad, all with no investment from the City of Carlsbad.

Why a Skate Museum & Urban Art?

Carlsbad was the home of the world’s first skate park which was built in 1976, near the former Carlsbad Raceway. The term “skate park” was literally coined in Carlsbad. Our city’s place in the history of the skateboarding culture is literally cemented.  Because of this, Carlsbad, and the Tri-City area is home to many professional and semi-professional skaters, media outlets and skate-related manufacturers. Because Carlsbad is at the epicenter of the skateboarding world, a museum dedicated to its history and art seems an obvious fit.

After just a few preliminary conversations and phone calls we have seen a huge amount of community support for the idea. Already we have the interest and a show of support from the Tony Hawk Foundation which has raised over 3 million dollars to fund skate parks in low income areas. We believe that there would be great financial support for this project from the private donors and local corporate sponsors. The excitement at the prospect of this idea is electric and calls of support are coming in with little solicitation.

Site View

Based on the current layout of the space, we see the usage of the space, with no build-out whatsoever, could accommodate the following uses:

•    2 Buildings (Main Building facing Oak and the central building to the east of the property) would serve as the museum; home to curated shows, which would focus on the history and culture of skateboarding.
•    Central building would serve as the Education and Learning Center
•    Building in far south end would serve as an Urban Arts Center
•    Remaining lots would be used to create a mini-skate park


In the first 3 years we plan to accomplish the following:       
•    Establish a permanent collection of skateboarding memorabilia, focusing initially on the role of Carlsbad in the industry and culture
•    Curate  4-6 travelling shows showcasing the History of Skateboarding
•    Create an Urban Art Center, with teaching artists, traveling Urban Art shows, and feature shows of professional urban artists
•    Create an educational program which would provide courses in Safety, the business of skateboarding, lessons with pros and semi-pros, sports photography, graphic design, etc.
•    Create a series of monthly youth oriented activities to engage our local kids in safe, community interaction (i.e. Movie nights, Community Skate Days, Meet the Pros, tournaments, concerts, etc.)
•    Open the museum complex to tourists 6 days a week Tuesday - Sunday

Potential Partners

In discussing how this project could serve and be served by this community, we believe that a public/private partnership is paramount to its success. We see as potential partners, first and foremost, the City of Carlsbad, Housing and Redevelopment, Cultural Arts Office, and Parks and Recreation. We also see great potential with groups such as Boys and Girls Clubs of Carlsbad, The Senior Center, Barrio leadership, VisitCarlsbad, Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce as well as local businesses that will benefit from the increased population in the Village.

Private partnerships with skateboarding industry leaders will fund the initial project. With support of non-profit groups like The Tony Hawk Foundation and Tri-City based industry leaders, we believe we will be able to raise the needed funds to support the initial build-out and operational costs.

Why this location and why now?

Over the course of the past several years the topics of a Village skate park, a Skateboard Museum, and an art and entertainment center, have been discussed many times and in many different groups. It seems to us that the time has come and we may actually have the perfect location in the Village.

The Oak Street yard offers many amenities that seem to be perfect for this type of project.  Existing buildings that can be kept intact and with minor capital improvements can accommodate a plethora of activities. The lot itself is large enough to house a small but effective skate venue, which while in the Village area, will be off major thoroughfares and prevent illegal skating activity on the streets of Carlsbad Village. Set in a largely industrial part of the Village and next to the train tracks eliminates residential noise complaints.

With the pending Safety Center expansion, the current skate park will, in the near future, be closed. Parks and Recreation is currently looking for a new location for a skate park and has until now been able to find an adequate location in the Village. We believe this location may be the answer.

The Village and Beyond

The skateboarding culture is so much a part of Carlsbad’s history and the Village is a central location for skaters to gather. Without a proper place to practice and hone their skills they often take to the street, even with the threat of citations. This is problematic to business in the Village, however providing a skate park would take the kids off the street, bring their parents to the Village to shop, eat, and maybe even catch a play. All of which support business in the Village.

Another positive offshoot from this project is the effect it could have on tourism. With national media outlets such as ESPN and Fuel TV eager to air interesting stories on Skateboarding, local professionals we spoke to all agree the national media would be exceptionally excited about a Skateboarding Museum in Carlsbad.

On a personal note, I am very excited about this idea and hope that you will consider these initial proposals as you plan the conversion of the Oak Street property.
As you go forward I would love the opportunity to attend committee meetings and further discuss this possibility. While the proposal outlined above is in its infancy, I believe that there is a real interest in the community. I have already received unsolicited calls from the Tony Hawk Foundation, and have talked to several people in the art, business and skateboarding community that think this is an exciting and necessary addition to the Village.

Thank you so much for all you do to make the Village a place to Experience. I look forward to our continued partnership.

Best regards,

Robin Young
Executive Director
Carlsbad Village Association