Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feature Article in The Coast News

Skateboard museum proposed for Carlsbad
by Alyx Sariol
CARLSBAD — The Carlsbad Village Association, or CVA, has big plans to recognize the city’s wealth of skateboarding history.

In just six short weeks, the CVA has drafted a proposal for the first ever nonprofit Skateboarding Museum and Active Arts Center. Using pre-existing structures slated for redevelopment, they hope to create a skateboarding oasis for Carlsbad’s youth, adults and tourists to enjoy.

“I think this concept is huge,” said project advocate Justin Jachura, co-founder of Carlsbad’s Senor Grubby’s.

While Carlsbad is internationally known for coining the phrase “skate park” in the 1970s, this new development could bring even more attention to the history of skateboarding in North County. Four buildings at the Oak Street maintenance yard serve as the ideal location for this facility, which would feature an art gallery, media center and small-scale street skate park.

“It’s a really good usage of this property,” said Robin Young, executive director of the CVA. “There’s not a whole lot of work involved to get (the buildings) looking really cool and urban.”

Two of the main buildings would become a museum and gallery with curated shows and traveling exhibitions. These displays would mainly focus on the history and culture of skateboarding, Young said.

A central building would include an Education Center, which could host classes and demonstrations on all things skateboarding. This area would also be utilized to host drug and alcohol prevention courses, encouraging a healthy lifestyle for the city’s youth, Young said.

“(Kids) want to feel like they’re engaged in their community,” Young said. “We can give them opportunities to do things in a positive way.”

What sets this project apart from other skateboarding facilities is the proposed Active Arts Center. A final building would feature video cameras, computers and software programs for those interested in filming and photographing skateboarders to hone their skills, Young said.

“This is a specific youth art demographic that’s being neglected by the city,” said Jachura, highlighting the importance of such a facility.

The concept has also been recognized as a way to boost tourism and sales revenue in the Village area. Ideally, while kids head off to the park, parents will peruse the local shops and restaurants, Young said.

Although the proposal is still in the beginning stages, Young has already received positive feedback from the skateboarding, business and art communities. The CVA is working with established organizations, including the Tony Hawk Foundation, and using residents’ feedback to finalize a design most appropriate for the city’s needs.

The CVA is currently racing against the clock to put the finishing touches on the project, as they are expected to present a comprehensive look at the museum and arts facility to Carlsbad’s City Council by mid-March.

“The only problem that I can see is that it’s not going to be big enough,” Jachura said.

To learn more about the proposed project and to find out how to get involved, contact Young at (760) 434-2553 or visit

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