Friday, March 19, 2010

Meeting update from 3/18

We can't stress enough how important it is for everyone to lend their voices to this project. We had a smaller group at the meeting last night, but we've got a lot of ways that people can help out even if they aren't in the area. Keep reading for details of the meeting and how you can get involved...

Some of the project details that we covered included:
  • securing transportation routes to/from the park that are safe for skateboarders
  • possibly renting out space to a skate shop to have trucks, wheels, etc. on site
  • there WILL be security at the park, but not to police the skaters
We had several questions asked at last night's meeting that we look forward to confirming before the next meeting:
  • what will the museum entry fee be?
  • will there be different rates for residents/non-residents to skate the park?
  • should helmets and pads or just helmets be mandatory?
One of most important aspects of the upcoming proposal is to show City Council that the community supports it. If you or anyone you know is a Carlsbad business owner, group organizer, church leader, PTA member, etc., ask them to write a letter in support of the project! Letters can be mailed to the CVA office or emailed to or

If you haven't already, make sure you sign the online petition! We want to get as many signatures as possible and this is a great way to let those out-of-towners show their support for the project:

There is a PayPal account where people can make a tax deductible donation to the non-profit project. If we can get everyone to donate $5, $25 or even $100, we'll be able to solidify the presentation for City Council without a problem.

Carlsbad Village's ArtWalk is next Thursday so the next meeting will be April 1 at 6pm. See you there!


  1. Can we get a link to the Pay-Pal PLEASE! Thank You!

  2. Just put up a link button and follow the, oh so simple, instructions!! Every little bit will help!!! Thanks so much!