Friday, March 12, 2010

Updates from meeting on March 11

We had the largest turn out yet at last night's meeting! More than 30 people came out to support a future Carlsbad Village Skateboarding Museum and Action Arts Center. Let's keep the momentum going and get more people involved every week!

If you haven't already, become a fan of the museum on Facebook and follow the updates posted on the CarlsbadSkate Twitter. Tell all your friends to join as well!

In other news, skateboarding legends have been posting memories and photos from the original Carlsbad skatepark built in the 70s on the Facebook page. Get behind this project so today's youth can create those same memories that will last for years to come!

A photo from the first day Carlsbad Skate Park was ridden by Lance Smith, Gary Coccaro and John O'Malley. (courtesy of John O'Malley)

Skateboarder Bob Staton remembers: "I was the first in line on opening day, the first paying customer into the big bowl. I went left around the wall, the guy behind me went right around the wall. We hooked up head on in the middle and became the first accident in skate park history."

As more people get behind the project and share their memories, we're sure to hear more gems like this. Tell everyone you know about the Carlsbad Village Skateboarding Museum and Action Arts Center!

"It's not just for skateboarders, it's for artists too. This is to encompass the whole culture of skateboarding." - Justin Jachura

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